Ranch Report: Welcome to Reel Ranch

            This dude can’t make up his fucking mind. First Beats Beer Bonfires, then he jumps over to Raised Rowdy, then back to Beats Beer Bonfires… now a ranch? All within 11 months? So much for consistency… Well guess what, this one is going to stick. Why will it stick? I finally found a way to better brand exactly what I wanted Beats Beer Bonfires to be. Reel Ranch, the story about a 26-year-old navigating the world of trying to build a ranch brand. I can talk about the shit I like, such as country music, beer, and degenerate activities. I can talk about shit I want to know more about, such as agriculture and natural resource management. I can talk about other random stuff… its my fucking ranch.             

Speaking of, we technically aren’t a “ranch” yet. According to the Merriam-Webster dictonary, a ranch is “a large farm for raising horses, beef cattle, or sheep.” A farm is “a tract of land devoted to agricultural purposes.” I have a half dozen chickens and a yellow lab on 10 forested acres. But this isn’t an article about where we are, it’s about where we are going. Where we are going is to King Ranch size levels. I want this little blog that Beats Beer Bonfires laid the groundwork for to become a massive ranch someday. I want you to be able to buy the firewood I write about cutting, the vegetables I write about growing, and the eggs that my chickens lay.              

Dont get it twisted though, I also want this to be a entertaining follow as well. I have a plan to post at least 1 blog everyday from now until December 31st 2024. The more interactive my followers are the better my content can get. I’m still gunna write the heavy hitter articles that get me a shit ton of views, but I also want to start taking writing classes so I can sound more smarterer and maybe even funny. I’m going to make long form YouTube videos and short form Instagram Reels. I have a plan to post at least once but probably multiple times a day on all the socials. I don’t want to be some sort of influencer or celebrity or anything crazy, I just want to make enough money to grow the ranch.              

So this is the first of what I’m going to call “Ranch Reports.” The reports are going to be me talking about what goes on on my property each week. Some might be sad, for example five of my chickens got eaten in the month of June. Some might be happy, like I got a tractor or goats or something like that. Some might be boring, but the fact that I’m going to report each week will force me to try and keep Reel Ranch in the back of my mind. I’m working on getting my hunting license and plan to be out in a tree this fall for the first time. That’ll bring stories with it. The beauty of ranch reports are they can just be a journal into my life, maybe people find it interesting, maybe no one reads it. Either is fine.              

If you liked Beats Beer Bonfires, nothing really is going to change. I’m just adding a lot more so there’s more depth, more substance, more personality. There’s to many country music sites talking about “what country singer is the neatest” or “what country singer is the countriest.” Its boring, lazy and inauthentic. I want to get away from that and broaden my horizons. This will also give me opportunities to work with other country content brands I like. I’m sure you’ll see plenty of stuff from the Boots and Whiskey Podcast and I coming soon. I’m sure other authors will pop up on my site from time to time as well. Just because the ranch has my last name, doesn’t mean I’m the only one who has a hand in growing the brand.            

I don’t want to give away all my secrets, so I’m going to wrap up the first Ranch Report for now. Next week though should be a good one, so stay tuned.

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