Chris Lane at Bold Point Park Review

Concert Review Time

Hey everyone!  Thanks for checking out this review of Chris Lane and Dalton & The Sheriff’s at Bold Point Park in East Providence RI!

As always, a HUGE thank you to our friends over there a Bold Point and Waterfront Concerts for having us at all these shows and letting us be a part of what they’re doing there.  We absolutely love this venue right on the water, great place to see a show with the city skyline behind you and a very intimate setting.  Absolutely love it!

We have already done a Chris Lane review earlier this year on our YouTube page: … this was the first YouTube review we did…maybe we will get back there soon.  Probably should.  

This show was much different than that.  No big production, nothing fancy.  There was smoke and such, but nothing crazy.  But we will get to Chris’s set here in a minute.

First, I wanted to talk about another band we have reviewed; Dalton & the Sheriff’s.  You can find that review here: .  Again another show that was completely different this time around. 

Historically the guys in Dalton like to bust my chops about the over abundance of covers the first time I saw them.  Well, this time. Only 1 … and a half!  I saw the guys backstage before the show and it was the first thing, they said to me.  I found it pretty comical.  Before the show we got to hang and shoot the shit and catch up and I appreciate those guys so much for having me and letting me hang out, it was a blast.

With that being said, this review has NOTHING to do with our friendship or the way they treat me and have treated me.  But this was the best sounding live show I have seen in a long time.  Not for an opener or local (regional act) but everyone.  They were spot fucking on.

They opened the night with an hour long set too, that NEVER ever happens in these situations so I was psyched to hear and see that.  I know I said I was going to put in setlists for the reviews, unfortunately I don’t have one for them.  I guess I could have asked, but this article is too far gone and written to stop and start again or add it in.  Maybe we’ll add it to the article if we get it.  

I will say, if you’re anywhere and they are too, GO SEE THEM!!!!  You won’t be disappointed.

After a relatively quick stage change, or maybe it was quick because I was socializing, it was time for Chris Lane.

The last time I saw him he was great.  High energy, great sound, so on and so forth.  Unfortunately, this time some of that was lacking.  The energy was there.  100% can not take that away. However, his voice sounded like shit.  It was horse and he sounded just sick, which he may have been but the vocal range was not there that night.  Not even close.  I made mention about it to a friend that saw him two nights later and said his voice was fine, so maybe it was just a bad night vocally.

The band was great, and we got some great photos as well!  Overall, the crowd was definitely into it which is always the point.

I do want to mention the set list and the timing of Chris’s set.  From what I gather, Bold Point as a 10PM curfew which is totally fine and great.  He went on at 8:10 ish and got off stage at exactly 9:30. A hour and twenty-minute headlining show.  Not to mention half of it was covers.  I bet you’re starting to see a pattern with me.  Chris Lane has several albums out with at least 10 songs on them.  PLAY YOUR ORIGINALS AS A HEADLINING ACT!!!!!

If you can’t get a full set of originals then please stop headlining and doing big tours.  You want to throw in one or two, fine!  Great!  But HALF THE SET?!?!  

Anyway, I don’t want these reviews to sound negative because it isn’t I just have my preferences on set list choices for headliners haha.

Overall, it was nice to see Chris again and always great to see our friends in Dalton & the Sheriff’s.

We have some more shows coming so stay tuned for those reviews coming soon!

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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