LANCO at Off the Rails Concert Review

Concert Review Time

Hey ya’ll !!!   We have FINALLY caught up on all our reviews!  This one is actually current and not even a week old as I am writing it!  We had the pleasure and opportunity to cover LANCO at Off the Rails in Worcester, MA on July 29, 2022!

First off, a HUGE thank you to Amy and the staff at Off the Rails.  This place is absolutely incredible!  If you haven’t been you need to go!  It legit is a slice of Nashville in Worcester.  They have a great menu with Nashville inspired food and they have our favorite, a hell of a whiskey selection.  Every Wednesday you can see our dear friend Jared Reinert there in the dining room along with many other local acts throughout the week.  Don’t miss this place.

Now, I am going to get a little somber, but this was our first trip back to Off the Rails since the sudden passing of our friend here at the show, Eric Lindquist.  Eric was the man over there at Off the Rails.  He did It all.  Most importantly to us, he gave us a chance.  He allowed us to come to shows and get a glimpse into the venue world looked like and how to do all the behind-the-scenes stuff and gave us an idea on what we needed to do to do the Concert Review portion of this show.  

Luckily, we now have someone in Amy who is just as great as Eric to bring us back to the Off the Rails family and we are ecstatic to be a part of it all.  So, stay tuned for many more shows from this incredible brand-new venue in Central Massachusetts.

The venue itself holds a couple of hundred people and is a great place to see an intimate show of some of your favorite artists!  And who knows, maybe we can get some of our friends from our show to come to Worcester and play too!

OK!  On to the show!

We got there a little early and were able to see sound check of LANCO and their opener, a local guy named Eric Marcs.  It was really cool to see sound check in a small club.  I have seen it in bigger places but small like that was interesting to see the interactions between the band and the local sound guys.

My friend Samantha came to help on this show take pictures, that we will be posting soon!  A big thank you to her!

Now, we did get to see a few of Eric Marc’s tunes, which sounded great, but during his set we were with LANCO getting an interview and podcast episode we have now released!  Go check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, legit anywhere! We had a great time with those guys and the episode came out absolutely fantastic! A big thank you to them and their TM Max and Amy at Off the Rails for getting it set up for us.  Cheers to you all!

Once the interview was over, it was time for LANCO to hit the Off the Rails Stage!  We were super close to the stage and everyone who has ever been to a show that close, you know the sound isn’t perfect.  So I moved around and the guys sounded absolutely incredible.  They brought stadium sized energy to a small intimate venue.  It was incredible.  A few songs in and the guy’s lost power on stage so there was a brief intermission while they got that cleared away.  Show biz is crazy sometimes! 

I thought this little delay would take some of the wind out of the crowd and the band, but no one missed a beat.  True professionals right here for sure.

The show started about 8:40 and LANCO walked off stage about 10:30 give or take a few minutes.  The show flew by.  They did a nice little acoustic performance in the middle of the crowd which I always love to see!  It makes it special for people for sure, especially the ones in that area.

From start to finish, the crowd and band were in line, the energy was incredible and of course they played all their hits and some other great songs as well.  Nothing missed, I can’t even believe how incredible it was.  I was very pleasantly surprised how great they were.

This was our second time seeing them, the first was opening for Luke Combs ironically enough across the street from Off the Rails at the DCU Center a few years before that.

I can’t wait to get back to Off the Rails and to see LANCO again.

Again a HUGE thank you to everyone who made this night a huge success!

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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