Country 102.5 Music Fest feat. Dierks Bentley and Elle King

Concert Review Time

Hey ya’ll !!!   I have been super busy and totally slacking on these concert reviews and getting them on YouTube and such so I am just going to just make blogs for them and maybe later on do a whole “End of Summer Shows” recap?  I don’t know yet, but this review is about Country 102.5s Country Music Festival featuring Dierks Bentley, Elle King and Travis Denning.

First off, I have to thank everyone at Country 102.5 here in Boston for this experience.  A big thank you to my dear friend and show Alum Alison Sawhill for having me as her guest the night of the show.  This experience was unlike any other I have ever been a part of.  This station knows how to treat its guest, I will say that!

The night started with the opportunity to be a part of some interviews for the DJs on their shows.  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get there that early, but we were able to take part of the mingling with the other guests.  The radio station, like I said treated us right and the hospitality was absolutely incredible.  The seats weren’t bad either!  I mean really whenever you’re invited to a show or get the chance to cover a show, it doesn’t matter where the seats are.  I even got to meet some great friends while I was there as well!  A big shout out to them!

Now, to the show.  First off as Travis Denning.  If you haven’t seen Travis or know who Travis is…get on that bus right now and check him out.  It amazes me he isn’t bigger than he is.  We saw him open for Brothers Osborne last year and he’s only gotten better!  To me, his set wasn’t long enough and he should have been the second headliner, but that’s my bias for sure.  He has a local kid Matt Davidson playing guitar for him as well.  We have reached out to the Denning camp several times for interviews and timing hasn’t been right.  We gotta get this guy on!

After Travis was Elle King.  I am still in absolute shock she is Rob Schneiders daughter.  Totally took me by surprise when I learned this little factoid at the show.  You all know Rob Schneider, he’s been in almost every Adam Sandler movie to date.  Anyway, I have to say this.  I was hugely disappointed that Ashley McBryde had to cancel her time on this part of the tour.  However, Elle was pretty good.  I didn’t see her full show as I was mingling and doing other things that we needed to do, but she was definitely entertaining and a great way to Segway into Dierks Bentley.  I am not really sure what to say about Elle King because her music doesn’t speak to me much.  ‘Exes and Ohs’ is a cool tune and so is ‘Drunk’ but it’s not what I would consider country sounding.  It’s rock and roll for sure.  She has a soulful voice, she just doesn’t speak to me.  I don’t get the country connection.  But that’s always my complaint here huh?  It’s not ‘country enough’.  Whatever, I don’t think it is.

The man of the hour, Dierks Bentley.  For those of you who know me, Dierks is one of my top country artists of all time.  I know most of you just made a face.  But I absolutely love this dude.  Now, I will say this, the new Dierks releases.  No thanks.  But old Dierks.  Before 2019 Dierks.  Give it all to me.  He mixed it up with song choices between old and new and it was a great show!  I specifically loved the Hot Country Knights encore they did.  That was something I didn’t expect at all.  They did a tour I believe before Covid and I wish I saw it, or maybe it was planned for 2020.  I don’t remember but a full show of them would have been pretty sweet too!  

Dierks to me is timeless.  Maybe because he was the first person I really heard when starting to get into the genre or it was something else, but to me this guys is Gold.  Ha see what I did there cause his latest release is called ‘Gold’….don’t hate me.  I have now seen Dierks, three times and every time it gets better.  I look forward to the next time we see him!

Again a HUGE thank you to Country 102.5 and their team over there!

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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