Garth Brooks at Gillette Stadium Review

Hey ya’ll !!!   I have been super busy and totally slacking on these concert reviews and getting them on YouTube and such so I am just going to just make blogs for them and maybe later on do a whole “End of Summer Shows” recap?  I don’t know yet, but this review is of Garth Brooks Stadium Tour at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Massachusetts.

This show was way back in May on the 21st 2022.  Garth actually played the night before as well to a much smaller crowd, and honestly, wish I would have been at that show instead.  I love small crowd shows.  Anyway, let’s get in to the show we saw.

First things first, a BIG thank you to Nash Icon in Worcester for our tickets, very sweet.  We had a great view of the stage as you’ll see in the pictures and the set up was great.  I really enjoy the “in the round” experience, I feel it gives the audience a since of closeness as well.  Regardless where you are in the stadium the show is right in front or below you.  

I am going to give Garth all the praise in the world!  To me, he is top 5 artists of all time and not just in country music, but in all genres.  The first concert my wife and I saw was Garth so it holds a special place in my heart if I am being honest and maybe where my bias comes from but that’s fine, because the memories with her deserve a bias.  

Before I get into the good stuff, I want to touch upon some stuff that for me I don’t are for.  One, I am not a huge fan of Stadium shows.  I get it, more people, more money.  It’s an experience yadda yadda yadda.  I just feel that it leaves a lot on the table.  The place is too big and you lose a lot of sound no matter what they try to do unless you’re in a covered stadium, which Gillette is not.  

We were fortunately close enough to the stage where we could still everything pretty clear, got some great shots as you’ll see posted here, but the sound still sounded so far away, it just drives me nuts! HAHA

Garth has been bringing Mitch Rossell to open these shows on this leg and it was the first time I had heard him and he was fantastic.  He did an acoustic set, which wasn’t very long but I think because the traffic situation getting to the stadium was a shit show that night.  It was the first Sold Out Concert since the Pandemic at Gillette, so I am sure there were some growing pains, but I mean what the hell, we had a full NFL season last year.  It is what it is, we were there early enough for doors, but the show itself was delayed about an hour.  I almost wonder what we missed from Garth and from Mitch.

Mitch was great, wonderful charism, great personality, the perfect person to open for someone like Garth.  I am a little butt hurt he hasn’t answered my texts from the text line he has, but I guess I will eventually get over it, hahaha.

From the time Mitch got off the stage and Garth got on the stage I swear it felt like 10 minutes, if that.  I wish all openers and headliners had such a quick turn over!  

Garth came out from under the drums, per usual and he absolutely killed.  I know I talked a lot about the size of Gillette and thinking it’s too big, but with that being said, Garth had the whole place in the palm of his hand.  From the opening chord to the final bow, the place was electric.  Every song and every note hit the crowd as if they were reliving a memory that night.  I sure as hell was anyway.

I love when you can hear the crowd singing every song back to the artist.  Damn, I am getting chills just remembering that night and what it sounded like.  Hot damn.  Wow.

Well, that’s it for now about Garth.  Again, a big thank you to everyone over at Nash Icon, Gillette Stadium, the Krafts, and of course Mr and Mrs Yearwood.

Till next time ya’ll Cheers! 

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