Lansdowne Country Crawl Review

Concert Review Time

Hey ya’ll !!!   I have been super busy and totally slacking on these concert reviews and getting them on YouTube and such so I am just going to just make blogs for them and maybe later on do a whole “End of Summer Shows” recap?  I don’t know yet, but this review is of the Lansdowne Street Country Crawl Music Festival.

First, I have to thank literally everyone involved including Beezlo Music, 101.7 The Bull, Bill’s Bar, Game On Fenway, Loretta’s Last Call, The Lansdowne Pub, and Bleacher Bar.  These bars and Lansdowne Street itself were absolutely fantastic on the day of the show!  This show was on April 24th…I know I know, damn Jim, take your time why don’t ya with these reviews.  

In my defense, I posted it to YouTube and totally fucked up like most of it because I was in a hurry.  So, you’re welcome for making it right 😛 

But seriously, this day was incredible.  Music started at 9:30 am and went all the way to 11pm.  It was a full day of country music!  There were some highlights and low lights and we are going to get into those now.  I will say, this was year one, and like most things in the first year or years, we’re going to have some growing pains.  I am not damn expert and I am sure none of what I am going to say will shock those who put it on, but my job is to review.

I am going to start with the lowlights first: 

  1. Sunday shows are brutal for us old people and even more brutal when it’s all day
  2. Food Options were tough to be had.  Personally, I would have lined the streets with food trucks and called it a day.
  3. Some of the acts shouldn’t have had the slots they had.  Mid-day was way busier then first thing and after like 7pm.  

Honestly – I don’t have much to critique here.  Overall, the day was handled absolutely great.  The stuff mentioned above is super minor.

Now, the highlights:

  1. Highlighting Local Country Artists here in New England …. FUCK YES!!!  Love to see it.  There were so many, check out the listing we have attached here for the full lineup! 
  2. The National Acts were absolutely amazing to my surprise.  The Swon Brothers and Craig Campbell absolutely stole the whole day.  They absolutely crushed and turned me into a life long fan.  Hoping to get both on the show real soon.  Maybe my buddy Ricky Lynn can help with the Craig Campbell one.  I had zero intention of seeing The Swon Brothers and my god am I glad I did.  It was like being in church listening to these guys sing and tell their stories.  Can not wait to see them again.  Craig Campbell just speaks for itself, right?  I mean come on. ‘Outskirts of Heaven’ is a top 5 song of all time.  OF ALL TIME!  The other National Acts I saw were Drew Baldridge and one song of David Nail’s.  Drew’s set was entertaining for sure.  Reminded me of Luke Bryan but on a smaller scale, so for me, the jury is still out on how I feel about Drew.  Would love to chat with him and get his story, I typically change my mind about people after a conversation.  I saw one David Nail song and I split.  I was beat after such a long day.  I’ve never been a big David Nail guy, but I was looking forward to seeing him and bummed I couldn’t muster the energy to stick around.  Hopefully next time he’s here we can do a proper review of his show so we can hopefully do it some justice.
  3. The venue options were pretty cool.  I loved that small dive bar feeling with a lot of these acts.  I loved how it had that lower Broadway feel to it as well.  People coming and going from these bars to see who they wanted when they wanted was awesome.

I have talked to a lot of people about this show and the main consensus was “we can do better next year.”  I love that mindset!  Like I said, it wasn’t perfect, but it was still pretty damn good.  From the artists I talked too, they had a blast!  I think some should have been in different times and places, but that’s not my call just my 2 cents.  I think for next year, maybe get the House of Blues involved and do an even bigger National Act on their main stage a few times during the day.  I also think next year should be on a Saturday OR a shorter day on a Sunday, start at like 11am and have the Main Act Finish at 9pm.  I only say this because the crowd really died off after dinner time.  Overall, it was an incredible day and I can’t wait til next year!

Thank you so much Beezlo Music for having us!  Cheers! 

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