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So this weeks Thursday Thoughts is going to be almost a follow up or rebuttal or whatever the hell you want to call it to myself from last week.  For those of you who listen to the show, you know that former MTV Executive Producer and Podcast Guru Vinnie Potestivo was on the show.  This show really had zero to do about country music and I am totally ok with it because it was media related.  For those of you reading this, and wondering, “oh I/we aren’t country music related can we be on the show seeing we’re in the music or media industry,” the answer is probably no, but if you send me a compelling pitch, I may consider it.  Unlikely, but maybe.  If it fits.  Possibly…. Anyway …. Probably …. 

Now that I am back on track, let’s talk about the affect of Media and its platforms on Country Music.  I think this may be a good juxtaposition to last week’s rant.

Last week we discussed “What the hell is wrong with Country Music?”  I think I figured it out.  It’s the media avenues we use to promote country music.  I am looking at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.  This shit is pushing what’s sexy and what’s eye candy, not necessarily what’s any good.  It’s like everything else in this fucking world we live in.  Oh, he or she is good looking, we’ll just beat the world to death with them.  The Kardashians don’t have an ounce of talent amongst them, but you know who they are don’t you?

We have allowed the music to be a popularity contest.  I blame Tik Tok for this shit, and trust me, I am like you, I get into those Tik Tok rabbit holes too.  I know, it’s addicting.  But what do we see?  We see the same sounds over and over and over.  I have a lot of friends doing and pushing their stuff on Tik Tok and it works and it’s great that it does, but it doesn’t mean it’s award worthy.  It doesn’t mean it’s “country music.”  Do I enjoy it?  Yeah, sure.  But is it what I want to hear all the time?  Fuck no.

I have been thrown some shade and some off hand comments this week about what I think what is and what isn’t country.  I love it and it makes me giggle cause first, thanks for reading 😉 and second, it’s an opinion and a preference.  I still stand by that Sam Hunt isn’t country music.  Do I like some of his stuff, yes of course, but is click tracks “country”, no I don’t think it is.  That goes for everyone who uses click tracks.  Does it work? Does it sell records?  YES!!! Doesn’t mean I have to love it.

I have given country radio a lot of shit historically for what they decide to play and I am now thinking, it’s not really on them and it’s on us.  Damn that’s a big pill to swallow.  Again, I love my country radio family and friends, but it looks like they’re just doing a job.  They’re taking what they too see on these platforms and throwing it out there.  Genius.  Can’t be mad.  

I am giving us, the fans a new task.  PUSH THE INDEPENDENT ARTISTS!!!! I guarantee you if you go to Spotify or Apple or wherever you get your music and start listening to the stuff that’s not on the radio, you’re gonna love it and if we love it and push it, maybe we can get them on the radio and some spotlight they so much deserve.

But, with that being said, there is some wheeling and dealing as we heard from Vinnie in the episode and from my guy Bobby Bones.  Bobby Call Me.  Would love to have you on.  Now, doesn’t this idea of buying number ones make you rethink the whole thing?  I am a small fish in a big pond and I am sure this won’t sit well, but my purpose here is to push the envelope and shine light on those who deserve it.  Now, I am not saying some of these number ones don’t deserve it, on the contrary.  I am just not sure that a handful of artists always need a number one.

Again, and I think I need to stress this because I know this will be taken out of context. I don’t blame country radio for the push of what will make them money.  I blame the labels, some of them, for not going after the really good stuff.  

I love and respect the hell out of country radio.  I just think the industry folks could do better with who they pick to represent country music.  Maybe I am wrong…maybe Sam Hunt is the face of country …. God I hope not ….  😉 

Cheers ya’ll

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