What Is Happening To Country Music Right Now?

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Happy 4th of July Week Everyone!  Thanks for checking out this week’s installment of Thursday Thoughts with the Boots & Whiskey Podcast.  

This idea has been weighing on my mind for some time and I wanted to throw it out to a wider audience other than the inner circle of country music journalists and podcasters and such.

Is country music ever coming back? 

Now, before you lose your minds, I know country music in some areas of the country is doing well and is strong.  But in the mainstream, country music only exists in the story telling aspect.  I know there’s people out there that will say “well country music is whatever you want it to be.” 


The majority of popular country music is pop music with a southern accent and that’s ok!  But let’s call it that.  When I think country music I think, Waylon, Merle, Cash, Willie, Dolly, Loretta, Charlie Daniels, most of what comes out of Texas currently, Chris Stapleton.  The list goes on, it doesn’t stop with these folks.  

With that being said I don’t think country music and think Sam Hunt, honestly if you do think Sam Hunt is country and you consider yourself a country music fan…let me know and I will give you real songs to listen too.

Now, we do have some country music artists out there currently that aren’t getting the push they deserve.  I am looking at you Justin Moore, Cody Johnson (minus his recent number one because he has much better songs), Randy Houser, Craig Campbell, Rodney Atkins, again the list goes on.  

I am just curious as what the hell has happened?  Why the hell is Luke Bryan always in the talk of country music but not a Josh Abbott?  Is it looks?  Is it sound?  Is it talent?  Am I missing something here?

The genre also has this really strange way of bringing talented country music artists and making them pop, or what could be considered pop.  Again, I am looking at you Thomas Rhett, Dierks Bentley (who I love and adore), Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, Chris Young, the list goes on again.

I remember Dierks’ first album or two and it was pure country and he did a blue grass album which was VERY underrated.  Now we have ‘Beers on Me’ …. Pass …. We went from ‘Free and Easy’ to ‘Beers on Me’.  We can’t make this up folks.  

So, it brings me to the question.  Do you like the current state of popular country music and artists or do you want to hear something a little more “authentic”?  I personally want to hear more steel guitar and fiddle.  I want those aspects to be more prominent on the radio.  

I am not trying to piss off anyone at country radio because I need you, but let’s get some of these guys and girls with more fiddle and steel on the radio!!!

Now, I know I didn’t mention many woman in this little rant, but Women in Country music is it’s own whole article, which will be coming soon, so stay tuned for that one! 

Cheers ya’ll  

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2 thoughts on “What Is Happening To Country Music Right Now?

  1. Love this article and agree with you 100%! “Pop music with a southern accent” is exactly what we have, and more fiddle and steel is what we need”!!!

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