PBR Worcester Rumble, As Written By Official Media

Recently, the good folks at PBR gave little ole Beats, Beer, Bonfires media passes for the Worcester Rumble. For those who don’t know, the Worcester Rumble is a part of the PBR Velocity Tour. The Velocity tour is the second-highest level you can ride at in PBR, AAA in baseball terms. A lot of the riders on this tour are on the rise to the top. The Rumble was insane, the people at PBR were great, and if you haven’t checked out bull riding, go do it. Congratulations to Casey Coulter, the only rider of the night to ride both of his bulls and won the entire event.

Casey Coulter holds up his trophy for winning the Worcester Rumble, a huge golden belt buckle.

But honestly, this isn’t why we are writing this article. Beats Beer Bonfires and its half-ass makeshift staff got media passes. That’s right, while other media folk were in the front row with multi-thousand-dollar cameras, dressed all “nice” and “presentable,” we were sitting there, iPhone in one hand, cold beer in the other. One of our top writers, Brody (check out his top article here… oh wait he hasn’t written one yet), used the occasion to live his cowboy fantasy. Yes, he only media member in a cowboy hat, despite growing up and living in the suburbs. Our makeshift photographer, Kayla, forgot to bring a camera and missed almost every good shot she possibly could with the iPhone.

Lucky for these rookies I was able to step in and take charge. By taking charge I mean I drank the most beer at the event. I also encouraged my employees to drink more but was disappointed by their low consumption numbers. Yes, we were very obviously rookies, and everyone knew it, but we definitely had the most fun. Isn’t that what our blog is about anyway?

When the bulls got a little fiesty, the events cowboy was tasked with roping them and bringing them back to the chute

As we continue to find our footing, two things are for sure. First, PBR is the most underrated sport in the country. If you want to feel like a Dutton for a night, but don’t live in the West, go to PBR. Second, we want to show up at more events. PBR, Trucks Gone Wild, concerts, sporting events, anything like that we want to be at. That does take money, however, and if you want to see us thrive, please help out!

First, support our shop. If we sell these shirts, we can invest in making new designs. Don’t let this first edition sell out without getting one yourself. Second, if you have a business that you think would look good on our website, we are accepting advertising. The more income we get, the better writers we can get, the better equipment we can get, the cooler shit we can do.

Unidentified bull rider goes for a ride (he was ok)

Back to PBR though, now that I am a super fan since going to two events, I have some predictions for the year. My boys have to be Kyle Oliver and Boudreaux Campbell. Campbell hasn’t had his dream year and is currently sitting on 40th in the world. Still, the 23-year-old has plenty of time left to turn it around and make the World Finals. He also owns Campbell Cattle Company, (no free shoutouts Boudreaux) a badass brand y’all should check out.

Kyle Oliver is having his best season ever and is currently sitting 3rd in the world. Oliver won the first event I was at this year in New York and hasn’t slowed up much since. He hasn’t finished any events outside of the top 12 in 2022, an impressive feat. They both might have a huge problem though. Jose Vitor Leme has rocked up to #4 in the World after a late start to the season. The PBR World Finals are in Fort Worth Texas this year, they run from the 13th all the way until the 22nd.

Bull attacks a bull fighter, who was evasive and dodged the 2,000 pound beast.

Thanks again to PBR for such a badass opportunity in Worcester. I never thought I would be front row for free to any event, and I hope that doesn’t smarten up and deny us a media pass in the future. Guess what fuckers, we are building something, and thanks to great organizations like PBR, we will continue to do that.

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