These are the Hottest Country Music WAGS for 2022

            This was another fun one, as today we counted down the hottest country music WAGS for 2022. Similarly, to the hottest women in country music article, these ladies husbands had to appear on one of the various year-end billboard charts to get qualify. After we sorted out who made the cut, we had to narrow it down from well over forty beautiful ladies to ten. After a series of voting, we ended up doing that! The science wasn’t perfect, but we ended up with a strong list. We have ladies from all walks of life. Some work regular 9-5 jobs despite their men’s success, while others have used there platforms to gain massive social media followings. Some wives you will recognize right away, others you might not. Some of them have millions of followers, others have less than 1000. Without further a-due, here are the 10 hottest wives, girlfriends, and fiancés of country music artists for 2022.

10. Caleigh Ryan

Fiancé: Hardy

Work: Marketing Coordinator for Graduate Hotels

Instagram: caleighryan

9. Hannah Lee Fowler

Husband: Sam Hunt

Work: Nurse

Instagram: N/A

8. Lexi Allen

Husband: Jimmie Allen

Work: N/A

Instagram: lexmarieallen

7. Brittany Aldean

Husband: Jason Aldean

Work: Entrepreneur

Instagram: brittanyaldean

6. Erica Hartlein

Husband: Jake Owen

Work: Interior Designer

Instagram: ericahartlein

5. Hannah Billingsley

Husband: Shay Mooney

Work: Former model and entrepreneur 

Instagram: Hannah.billingsley

4. Brittney Kelley

Husband: Brian Kelley (Florida Georgia Line)

Work: Owner Tribe Kelly

Instagram: brittneykelley

3. Gabi McCreery

Husband: Scotty McCreery

Work: Nurse

Instagram: gabimccreery

2. Hallie Ray

Fiance: Parker McCollum

Work: Entrepreneur

Instagram: hallieraylight

1. Nicole Combs

Husband: Luke Combs

Work: Entrepreneur

Instagram: nicolejcombs

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