These are the 10 Hottest Women in Country Music Right Now: 2022 Edition

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Here we are again, these are the 10 hottest women in country music for 2022! I’ve been excited for this one. For those who haven’t seen, the 2021 hottest country artists blog was by FAR the most popular one on our website. That was last year though, and it’s time to update it. Just like last year, to qualify the artist either had to be one of the top 50 billboard country artists of 2021 or had to have a top 100 country song last year on a variety of billboard charts. That left us a list of 16 artists to work with. Then, through a small committee of people voting, we narrowed the list down to 10.

            This year, the list has four new names on it as Ingrid Andress, Maddie Font, Nelly Joy, and Taylor Dye, failed to make any of the charts needed to qualify for the list. There also was a lot of changes in the list, as last year’s number one is now two, and the top three features two new names on the list.

            Keep in mind while reading this that this list is meant to be lighthearted and fun, not any sort of bashing of anyone. Everyone has their own opinions, and this is just the culmination of a few of ours. If you want to take it seriously and look at it as more than that, politely fuck off. Now, here are the top 10 hottest country artists going into 2022.

10. Miranda Lambert

Last years number seven is the top of our list in 2022. Miranda Lambert, the queen of country music, qualified for the list by being the 14th ranked artist on the billboard top country artist chart, as well as charting on various charts with her songs “Settling Down” and “Drunk (And I Don’t Wanna Go Home.)

At 38 years, she is tied with one other person for the oldest artist on the list, which is crazy as it seems like just yesterday Lambert broke into the country music world with “Kerosene.” For all of the horny guys reading this, Lambert is happily married to a former cop named Brendan McLoughlin. He has been with her at plenty of public events so you can see what he looks like, and yes, he could beat you up. All and all, things seem to be going very well for Lambert, and for 2022 she will continue her reign on the hottest women in country music chart.

9.  Kacey Musgraves

            The first newcomer to the list and perhaps the most controversial. Musgraves qualified by being ranked 22 on the year end top country artist chart. She didn’t have anything on the song charts, meaning that her qualification was based on her new album as a whole and new music. Her album, “Star-Crossed”, which I personally haven’t listened to, was called not country by the Grammy’s, but that was met with controversy, so here she is. I miss gritty Kacey Musgraves of old. Her first album, “Same Trailer Different Park” featured the singles “Merry Go ‘Round” and “Blowin’ Smoke” two songs that made me like her. However, despite being sort of blackballed by country radio for no good reason, Musgraves still has a large following. She has worked herself into a pop/country sound, that attracts people from both sides of the isle.

            Musgraves, 33, was divorced in September 2020 from her husband Ruston Kelly. Since then, she has been seen here and there on casual dates, but seems to still be single. Don’t worry guys, she’s way out of your league and defiantly won’t date you. Musgraves wasn’t on last year’s list, making 2022 the first year she is one of the ten hottest artists in country music.

8. Lauren Alaina

            Lauren Alaina seems like the most fun person in the world. She’s so energetic, she always has a punny Instagram caption, and she’s attractive. Alain, ranked fifth last year, just barely was able to hang on and qualify for the list. In fact, she only was able to hang on because “One Beer” by Hardy was still lingering in the top 100 hot country songs of 2022 list.

            Alaina, 27, has admitted that she is in a relationship with someone behind the scenes, but because her public breakup with comedian John Crist in 2019 she won’t be open about the relationship. Alaina was forced to make a really tough decision last year, as Dustin Lynch wanted to release his song “Thinkin ‘Bout You” featuring her to country radio, but she was working on another duet with Jon Pardi called “Getting Over Him.” Ultimately Lynch had to rerecord the song with another artist who may or may not appear on this list later, and it became a monster smash. With “Over Him” still climbing the chart, it remains to be seen if she made a good decision or not.

            In my opinion, Alaina is the second-best singer on this list, yet the most ignored and undervalued singer on it. She has just one #1 song, “The Road Less Traveled” from 2016. Besides that, she hasn’t even cracked the top thirty. Hopefully 2022 is a better year for Alaina, and she finally gets a well-deserved second number one.  

7.  Carly Pearce

            Carly Pearce had the biggest challenge of almost any artist last year, trying to follow up her smash with Lee Brice, “Hope Your Happy Now.” I think the song she released, “Next Girl” was my favorite female sang song of last year, and it didn’t get her a number one, but it made enough noise to be a success. Pearce as ranked as the 49th artist in country music last year, and “Next Girl” was on both the hot country song and airplay country song charts in the mid 40s.

            Pearce, 31, went through a very public divorce with Michael Ray in 2020, and is now dating a guy named Riley King who does real estate. I put her on a list with Lauren Alaina as a super underappreciated artist who will hopefully get the airplay, she deserves next year.

6. Lainey Wilson

            Lainey is the first of three artists to have their debut single peak last year, with “Things a Man Outta Know” topping the chart. Wilson was the 33rd ranked country artist according to billboard, beating out artists like Dierks Bentley and Chris Young. She recently released her follow-up single with Cole Swindell, “Never Say Never.”

            Wilson is a 29-year-old from Louisiana, and if you ever have heard her talk her southern roots are very apparent. I couldn’t find if she was single or not, but based on her Instagram page I believe she is. Big things are ahead for Wilson, and if “Say Never” is the smash it sounds like it is, she will probably be back on this chart next year.

5. Carrie Underwood

            Carrie Underwood… America’s sweetheart. Carrie Underwood has been my celebrity crush since little eight-year-old me saw her on American Idol way back in 2004. Well now I feel old as fuck. But anyway, Carrie Underwood is now 38 and still looks fantastic. She is still the best singer in country music, and everything she touches turns to gold instantly. Carrie didn’t release any new music in 2021, but she was still the 10th ranked country artist by billboard. She did hop on a duet with Jason Aldean, “If I Didn’t Love You” which was a smash hit, ranking high in most of the music charts and being a two-week number one. I’d expect that Underwood will be releasing a new album next year.

            Underwood is married to Mike Fisher, a former Predators hockey player. He has taken some flack the past few years for being anti vaccine, but unlike the mainstream media we appreciate him for speaking up against something many people feel is wrong. Underwood hasn’t been as public about her opinions, but it seems like she probably agrees with him for the most part.

            Underwood was on the chart last year, ranked number four overall. I think that as long as she makes music, she will always be on this chart. In the almost twenty years she’s been in the public eye, she went from every country boy crush to a total MILF, and I’m excited to see what’s next.

4. Gabby Barrett

            Talk about someone who only knows how to release monster songs. Gabby Barrett had two songs ranked in the top ten of almost every chart last year, “I Hope” and “The Good Ones.” She was the highest-ranking female on billboards list, coming in at number 4, ahead of Luke Bryan, Kane Brown, and Dan and Shay. That’s massive for an artist who is on just her third single and is only 21 years old. I still think of her as a mini-Carrie Underwood, which is a major compliment. They sound very similar, and Barrett has a strong voice just like Carrie.

            Barrett has been very good at keeping a low profile despite her success. She only seems to pop up at an award show, blow everyone away, and then goes back down and sits with her kid and her husband. She doesn’t look like she runs her own socials either, I think she likes just dropping a monster smash and then retreating to Texas to be with her family.

            It’s hard to see Gabby Barrett not being back on this list next year. Her song “Footprints on the Moon” appears to have dropped off the chart, so we will have to see if she decides to go back to “Goldmine” for another single or drop a new song. Either way, Barrett is extremely talented and attractive, and that’s why she is ranked number four this year.

3. Tenille Arts

            The next artist who had a breakthrough in 2021 with her song “Somebody Like That” going all the way to #2 on the chart, Tenille Arts. Arts is a Canadian country singer, who has been releasing stuff north of the boarder since 2015. She started gaining some traction in America in 2018, with her song “I Hate This” charting as a hot country song. However, it wasn’t until “Like That” came in and brought her to the next level that she really started to see success. She didn’t rank in the top 50 country artists, but she did rank well on most of the music charts. The 27-year-old Arts is in a relationship with a guy named Tyler Corrado.

2. Kelsea Ballerini

Here is where it gets fun. Kelsea Ballerini, or last year’s number one, slides back one spot to number two. She was the 26th ranked artist last year by billboard. She had three pretty big songs including “I Quit Drinking,” “Hole in the Bottle” and the still climbing “Half of my Hometown.” At just 28 years old she is leading the new wave of country female superstars along with artists like Maren Morris, Gabby Barret, and Carly Pearce. Ballerini has been married to fellow musician Morgan Evans for a few years now.

            I also wanted to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to Kelsea, because last year I posted an Instagram story giving her shit for some comments she had made at an award show, in which she messaged me to clap back at what I said. I honestly don’t remember what I had said, but this website isn’t designed to piss people off or make enemies, so Kelsea if you ever see this it’s my formal apology.

1. MacKenzie Porter

            Ok, we finally made it to #1! We’re going back north of the border and giving the award to MacKenzie Porter. Porter has been around a little bit, and even has a few number ones in Canada, but she finally got her first big break in America when Dustin Lynch wanted to rerecord “Thinkin ‘Bout You” to release to the radio. As we mentioned before, the song was an absolute smash hit and will likely propel Porter to release more music to America. Porter, 31, is married to Jake Etheridge, so congratulations to him for being married to the hottest girl in country music.

            Well, that’s the list for this year! Who did we miss? What do you think? We would love to hear from you! Thank you all for reading, continue to support all of these women and other women, and lets see what changes in 2023!

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