“Outlaw in Me” by Brantley Gilbert is one of the most underrated songs… ever

           I heard a song on shuffle that is probably one of the most underrated songs I know of. Yes, I understand that every artist has a few underrated songs. This song is probably the most underrated song by the second most underrated artist in the game. I think I would have to give Justin Moore and his eight number one hits the most underrated, but Brantley Gilbert with his six are right behind Moore. I think both are similar in terms of crowd, Brantley Gilbert is southern rock, and Justin Moore is southern rock meets traditional country. His current single is “Hard Days,” which seems like it might be sliding off the chart, which is bullshit because it’s a hit. That song will have its own article soon, but since it still could regain some momentum and continue its charge up the charts, I’ll hold off. However, a song that won’t be a radio single at this point, and it probably wouldn’t be a hit because the radio sucks, is “Outlaw in Me.”

           If you don’t know this song, go fucking listen to it right now. The song just starts with a simple guitar riff, nothing fancy, nothing overpowering. Basically, picture a shirtless guy and a girl lying on the couch together. The girl asks the guy about his scars, and he basically says I don’t want to talk about it. The song’s premise is that the girl understands everything wrong with the guy, all his outlaw ways, but that’s what she loves about him. She is a girl that understands what she has and is ok with it. However, she is also a badass, and she wants to hang with the guy. She understands that the guy is who he is, but he will unconditionally love her despite his flaws.

           The message is very Brantley Gilbert. It isn’t anything overpowering, but it just fucking hits. The type of guy reading this has that rebel heart, and he doesn’t give a shit about norms. He has made a few mistakes, some he might regret, some he might not, but fuck, he isn’t sorry for any of them. I know personally, my girlfriend knows that I’m not the flowers and cuddling type guy, but the fact that I stay with her and am loyal to her every day is my way of saying I love you. Is it right? Maybe not, but it’s just who I am as a person. This song makes me feel something, which is something that Brantley is very good at, making songs that make outlaws feel.

           This article is pretty short, and I apologize for that. I think that everyone should just go listen to the song instead of listening to me ramble. Brantley Gilbert is fucking amazing, and although he might not get the respect he deserves, he puts on a hell of a live show. He can mix songs like “Outlaw in Me” with songs like “Bottoms Up” or “Hell on Wheels,” and it’s fucking amazing. Go give my boy BG some love; this won’t be the last time you hear about him on this site because he is one of the best out there.

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