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In 2023, Chris and his fiancée Kayla purchased just over 10 acres of land. The land gave Chris the ability to practice two of his biggest passions. Forestry and Agriculture. To date Reel Ranch has chickens, a yellow lab named Shelby, and a management plan to best manage the forest. In 2024, Chris will debut a farmstand, featuring fresh vegetables, eggs, and firewood. Not only is the property a place to grow and learn, but its a place also to have fun. Nestled into our forest is a pallet sized bonfire pit, A 3D archery range, and ATV trails.

Reel Ranch is a place where the past and present can come together to make a better future. We understand that past traditions and thousands of years of farming are as important as data and modern science. Each year, approximately 1 million acres of farmland get taken away. Developers turn them into half million-dollar houses. It’s a place that understands that while society grows and needs more food, it also demands farmers be organic and don’t use GMOs. On the flip side, it’s also a place that realizes some agricultural techniques need to be retired. Sometimes, techniques are actually bad. Its bad for the soil, which hurts the environment around it. That’s not what ranchers or society want.

It doesn’t have to be all serious though, at Reel Ranch we play as hard as we work. Bonfires, hunting, fishing, concerts, and alcohol are usually all part of the weekends. Content will be coming from all that stuff. From blogs about singers, to beer reviews, to pictures of catching trout in the river, we are going to share it. As much as I hate it, the internet is a major thing in this generation. Might as well try and use it to our advantage. Join us as we learn, grow, and maybe even make something special out of our little 10-acre plot of land.